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Coursenotes SOCI/ANTH 441 Material Culture, Week 6

SOCI/ANTH 441 Material Culture

Week 6, October 8 2014
Phase II


Part I

  • Due at midnight
  • Feedback to buildup
  • Keep on going on

Parts II and III

Doing sociology and/or anthropology from object

Pretty Open

  • Can be straight up “paper”
  • Can be creative
  • Can be ethnographic
  • Can be experimental
  • Can be content-based
  • Can be quantitative


  • Academic literature
  • Cite, quote, pay lipservice, and dig deeper
  • Notice patterns
  • Academic dialogue
  • Still empirical

Material Culture as Field

  • Sociology and/or anthropology
  • STS, SCoT, ANT, affordances, consumer culture, sociology of art, taste, archæology, folkloristics, cultural studies, sociomateriality, museum studies, art history, politics of artefacts, sensory anthropology…
  • Assemblage, bricolage, mix, blend

Part II: Presentation

  • More than “show and tell”
  • Sharing
  • Working together
  • Peer-learning
  • May be small group
  • Schedule soon

Core Texts: Prell and Van Osch

  • Case studies
  • Methodology and approaches
  • SCoT on actors and sociomateriality through affordances
  • Less about physical objects
  • Even nonmaterial artefacts (words, software)


Prell Wordcloud

technology, technological, actors, design, scot, frame, bijker, community, artifact, semiotic, frames, material

Van Osch

Van Osch Wordcloud

affordances, application, generativity, artifact, interactions, applications, visualization, material, artifacts, sociomateriality, sociomaterial, generative, generation, actors