Step-by-Step Launch: May 7, 2009

  1. Worked on podcast show notes.
  2. Explored Google Sites.
  3. Decided on the podcast and blog names.
  4. Clearly separated my Informal Ethnographer identity from my main identity.
  5. Decided on “iethnographer” as the short form for Informal Ethnographer profiles.
  6. Registered the “iethnographer” name in a few places (domain name, blog, microblogging accounts).
  7. Selected the LGPL icon kedit.png from Crystal Project as a logo/icon/avatar for Informal Ethnographer.
  8. Created a simplistic site logo from that icon.
  9. Added an explanation for Informal Ethnographer.
  10. Created a page to list Acronyms, added those accumulated from a Disparate page.
  11. Started announcing the site through social media, including Identica and Twitter.
  12. Joined the ethnography, anthropology, and ethnomusicology Twibes.
  13. Started following ethnographers on Twitter.

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