RIEP2: Ethnography as an Approach (MP3)

MP3 version of the second episode of Rapport: The Informal Ethnographer Podcast.

  • Defining ethnography
  • The epistemology of ethnography as an approach
  • Ethnography as humanities and social sciences
  • Ethnographic disciplines

RIEP2: Ethnography as an Approach (MP3)

2 thoughts on “RIEP2: Ethnography as an Approach (MP3)”

  1. Looking forward to this. Is that the sound of field notes I hear?

    After making my comment “ethnography is rather simple” on the OAC, I’ve been arguing with myself ever since. I think I meant “general”. But I’ll shutup and listen to the podcast!

    1. These days, my fieldnotes tend to be silent as I either use my ‘touch or I keep headnotes.

      Please do not shut up. And if you do listen to the podcast, feel free to send me feedback.

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