Coursenotes: SOCI/ANTH 441 Meeting 7

SOCI/ANTH 441 Material Culture

Week 7, October 15 2014

Core Texts: Ylimaunu and Vilar Rosales

Joint Wordcloud


Ylimaunu Wordcloud


mirrors, street, towns, gossip, century, surveillance, control, urban, swedish, modern, finland, streets, town, finnish, sweden, space, power, monitoring, residents, private, local, communities, monitored, monitor, windows, spaces, observation, neighbours, museum, window, state, panoptic, object, material, gossiping, person, mirror, institutional, individuality, church, authorities, architecture


Anderson, Classen, Foucault, Gluckman, Habermas, Ingold, Leone, Simmel, Stoller

Vilar Rosales

Vilar Rosales Wordcloud


home, domestic, migration, material, practices, objects, consumption, homes, processes, miller, materiality, house, migrations, routines, mozambique, place, physical, contexts, movements, houses, lisbon, furniture


Appadurai, Birdwell-Pheasant, Bourdieu, Douglas, Gell, Gupta, Hannerz, Howes, Kopytoff, Lévi-Strauss, Marcoux, Marx, Miller, Rapport, Simmel, Woodward

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