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RIEP0: Jingle

Quick and dirty jingle for Rapport: The Informal Ethnographer Podcast.

Rapport: The Informal Ethnographer Podcast (Jingle)

My main idea was the “writing” part of ethnography. I mixed a few samples in reference to cultural diversity while trying not to be too exotic. I thought about adding some excerpts from my field recordings but since they were recorded for other purposes, I would need to get permission from people who have been recorded. In fact, I recorded some of the writing noises while listening to a field recording.

I also didn’t want to have speech I could recognize. I did use a sample of speech I don’t recognize and it has the desired effect. I don’t even know which language it is but it’d be funny if somebody were to tell me that some recognizable words are inappropriate.

The idea that the writing sounds are louder than the rest and the fact that they end the jingle are in line with some thinking about ethnography. Not that the ethnographer should dominate or that she has the last word. It’s just a matter of taking things from the ethnographer’s perspective. Somewhat introspective.

Made with GarageBand using the following samples from CCmixter:

All of these samples are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, either as “Attribution” or as “Attribution Noncommercial.” I have no intention of going commercial with my podcast so I think it’s fitting.

I also used a preset “Applause and Laughter” track from within GarageBand, mostly as a way to refer to informality.

I’ll probably make another jingle at some point, but RERO is a motto of mine.

Yes, there is some background noise. Part of this is on purpose.